Celebrating 17th of May in Norway (as an American)!

Carmen Gloria celebrating the 17th of May in Norway

We just returned from a very short trip to New York just in time to celebrate the 17th of May, which is Independence Day (from Denmark) here in Norway. Norwegians are extremely proud and love to celebrate this day, more than almost any culture celebrates their independence day. It’s beautiful. We are still pretty jet lagged and decided to stay in our cozy little city of Horten, instead of going to Oslo like we did the past two years. We’ll be combining Norwegian and American festivities at our home today with our homemade burgers, wine and goodies. 🙂

In New York we had a blast. Spent two evenings celebrating the most fabulous 2-day-birthday party, one day in Scarsdale and another in New York City, and the other two days spent with family, including The Bronx visit, a great time as well. It was our wedding anniversary, so it was extra special. 🙂

Birth Of The World - Joan Miró at the MoMa (Carmen Gloria Image)
Birth Of The World – Joan Miró at the MoMa

In New York City, we went to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa), and it is now my favorite place to experience art. The current exhibition is “The Birth Of The World” by Spanish artist Joan Miró (another one of my favorites besides Picasso). What is so fascinating about Birth Of The World, is that it was named by his surrealist poet friends. All of that they saw in such a simplistic, yet detailed and moving piece of art. That and other amazing works by Miró and other GREAT artists, such as Pablo Picasso and sculptures by Constatin Brancusi moved me and inspired me to come back home and make some great art.

I fell in love with the magnificent sculpture “Madamoiselle Pogany” by Constantin Brancusi. The sculpture exuded the energy ‘Pogany’ tried to hide internally, and I could not stop staring for minutes. Beautiful. 

“Madamoiselle Pogany” by Constantin Brancusi - Image by Carmen Gloria - Artist
“Madamoiselle Pogany” by Constantin Brancusi

I also couldn’t help but take a picture by my favorite artist Pablo Picasso’s painting “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon Paris,” as we share the same birthday and I have an extreme strong connection to his art.  I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Art!

Carmen Gloria Art at the MoMa
Les Demoiselles d’Avignon Paris by Pablo Picasso

Then we headed to Long Island to visit my aunt, and my father came from Florida to visit as well. We celebrated Mother’s Day with my super funny and fun cousins, and the next day we went to The Bronx to try to find the places where we had lived before. We ended up not having much time, and it was raining, but it was deeply special to see the last place we lived in together before my parents got divorced and my mom took me to Puerto Rico. My dad was with me in the car and we both were shocked at how different the place looked, and I’m sure he was as full of emotion as I was. 

In The Bronx

It was a short and sweet trip, full of connection, inspiration, art and love.

Now we’re back in Norway, celebrating independence day here, but over the weekend preparing for a TV shoot on Monday. I’m so grateful to be working. We filmed the two days before we flew to New York too, which is why I didn’t have time to blog for two weeks. 

So cheers! Gratulerer med dagen! (Have a wonderful 17th of May!)

Carmen Gloria in Norway - Kids at their march rehearsal for 17th of May
Kids at their marching rehearsal for 17th of May in our neighborhood
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